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Environmentally Green






Environmentally Green/Safer Work Zones

Keyway Curb reduces in-kind Green House emissions (C02) by 60% alone vs. curb and gutter installations.  Additional gas reductions are realized with the elimination of matt removal, saw cutting, and asphalt patch back.


In addition to reducing green house gas emissions, project safety is enhanced for both workers and the motoring public.  Our turn-key installation rates average 175-200 linear feet per hour, whereas form and poured curb and gutter average 250’ per day.  This does not include saw cutting, matt removal, and base prep, nor asphalt patch back.

E.g. On a small 1500’ median island, Keyway Curb Co. will complete installation in 1 day, where as curb and gutter alone will take typically 6-7 days.  This does not include additional time for required activities (saw cutting, matt removal) prior to form setting and pouring.  It also ignores required 1-2’ patch back to lip of gutter.  Adding the prep work to time to the curb and gutter and final patching can easily take 12-18 days to complete.

The faster installation with Keyway Curb reduces all stake holders exposure to the hazards common with work zones.