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– Testimonials –

Dec.  28, 2006 Castle Rock Construction Co. of Colorado

Castle Rock Construction Company of Colorado LLC has worked with Keyway Curb Company over the last ten to twelve years.  Keyway Curb was instrumental in adding new and more efficient design criteria for the Colorado Dept. of Transportation to enable the ease of construction of some very difficult median and intersection jobs throughout the state.  Keyway’s innovative ideas have aided the State in eliminating time and constructability issues of this work.  Keyway has also been a safe and quality conscience company.  I have never had a performance or quality issue on the work they have performed for us.  They have shown up in a reasonable time of when we have asked and completed their work in a timely fashion.  We look forward to working with Keyway in the future.  If you have any further questions feel free to call me at the number above……..    Don Hanneman  (Member/Sponsor)


January 2, 2007 Brannan Sand and Gravel

Please accept this letter as our formal recommendation and upmost support of Keyway Curb.

Over the past 5 years, keyway has provided Brannan with a considerable amount of concrete curb to help us accommodate the ever-changing demands of our industry.

Aside from the economic advantages, there are no alternatives that can product the uniformity as well as structural advantages of this product.  Whether the specifications call for temporary or permanent solutions, this product consistently exceeds the specifications as set with traditional materials.

Brannan Sand & Gravel, a leader in the production and placement of Hot Mix Asphalt Paving, has experienced first hand the advantages of this product, and acknowledges the advantages of utilizing this product in a variety of construction applications………… Dean Rossi  (Senior Estimator/Project Manager)


January 2, 2007 Aggregate Industries

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased we at Aggregate Industries WCR, Inc. were with your performance on the above project.

My Project Superintendent, Rich Meyer, was extremely satisfied the way you responded to schedule changes without problem, and was able to complete your work, on schedule, on what was a very tight project for us.

Speaking personally for myself, I wish all subcontractors were as prompt and diligent in providing the required paperwork and responding to requests as timely as you.

We look forward to working successfully with you on future projects and will readily recommend your company to our Client as the opportunity arises…. Paddy Murphy (Operations Manager)


January 9, 2007 Lafarge Construction

This is a letter or recommendation in regard to Keyway Curb Company.  Lafarge West Inc. has subcontracted Keyway Curb for various Colorado Dept. of Transportation projects since 1998.  Their product has been primarily used in lieu of asphalt curbing near guardrail as a drainage control measure.  Keyway Curb has performed work in various traffic situations and climates ranging from Interstate 70 at Eisenhower Tunnel to work on the Eastern Plains of Colorado.  We have found that they are prompt to arrive when scheduled and take appropriate measures to insure proper curing of their product despite the climate conditions.  They also abide by our company safety policy and have not experienced any incidents or accidents while performing work for our group.  Overall, their work has been performed on schedule, at the quoted cost, at or above the required quality level, and safely. …. John Pinello (General Manager)


March 15, 2004 Carter  Burgess

I would like to thank you and your crew for doing a fine job of installing the Curb Type 4 (Key-Way) on the Woodmen Road Project.  This curb worked well on both asphalt and concrete surfaces.  I was impressed with your method of installation on concrete surfaces by “pre-sawing cutting_ the concrete and then breaking out the groove to the required depth.  This insured a good key-way to secure the curb to the concrete surface.  The rock saw used on the asphalt surfaces worked well too and left a nice vertical edge to again insure a good “key”.

Again I would like to thank you and your crew for a fine job and look forward to working with your on future projects………..  Bob Syme  (Project Engineer)


January 24, 1992 El Paso County Transportation Division

To whom it may concern:

In the summer of 1987, the El Paso County Department of Public Works contracted for the placement of approximately 2000 feet of keyway curb to be placed on Woodmoor Road near Monument, Colorado.  We did this on a trial basis to determine how this product compared with other types of curb, primarily extruded asphalt curb.

We purposefully chose the Monument area because this location, near the tip of Palmer Divide, is subjected to more frequent snow storms than other areas in the County and therefore more plowing of the roads.

This extruded concrete “keyway” curb has held up remarkably well under the more extreme conditions of plowing/sanding and freeze/thaw in El Paso County.

We have utilized some of this product since then in other locations and plan to use more in the future on other projects.