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Going Green…

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Keyway Curb Company

Save Money With Keyway Curb

Savings of 60% or more are typical in the retrofitting of existing roadways and savings of 40% are commonplace on private developments. The many steps required to install curb and gutter on an existing roadway are eliminated. Keyway Curb is installed in a fraction of the time of the curb and gutter.

Keyway Curb is Eco Friendly

Keyway Curb is a significant GREEN product as its utilization, in lieu of curb and gutter on public right-of-way retrofits, reduces in kind carbon emissions by over 65%. Many studies point out that the manufacture and use of concrete may be responsible for 5-10% of global carbon emissions.

Keyway Curb is a unique method for the installation of curb on public right-of-ways and parking lot development. This curb system is based on sound engineering principles that provide the contractor as well as the client many benefits over standard curb and gutter installations.

Some of the benefits of Keyway Curb include:
• Savings of 60% or more
• Schedule flexibility is maximized
• Reduced maintenance
• Increased curb installation rates
• Proven product durability
• Eco friendly


Keyway Curb is formed by customized equipment that compresses a high strength, fiber reinforced concrete mix through a mold having the engineers desired shape.

The low slump concrete is slip formed over a 1 inch deep by 5 inch wide “KEYWAY” and creates a continuous anchoring of the curb throughout its entirety. Control joints are placed every 5-6′ at a minimum depth of 25% of the thickness of the concrete.

We apply a white wax cure for its indicator properties as well as its UV resistance during its curing period. Twenty-eight day cylinder breaks are typically 5200-=5600 psi.